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Is it even legal to have a basement reno without shiplap these days? While I went into this in more detail in the Jan-Feb 2018 issue of Extreme How-To, I bring it up here in this finished basement tips article to highlight that , an attic is another inexpensive way to add a room to your home. Finish Garage. Add a Sunroom. Visit DSDs residential application page for additional information , and resources or contact PAC or 828-259-5846 with questions about residential permits. If you’re asking yourself these questions you may be ready to talk to a contractor. Some homeowners feel like a deck should be a simple DIY project for a weekend or two, but DIY decks are potentially disastrous. Ask any contractor how many deck DIY projects they’ve repaired or rebuilt after collapse. There are numerous considerations to make when planning a deck. We would love to tell you that building a deck is feasible no matter what style yard or home you have, but there are rare instances where perhaps it may not be possible. When it is realistic to build your deck, doing it thoughtfully and safely is a must!average cost of finishing an atticFor a basic project in zip code 47474 with 500 square feet, the cost to Insulate an Attic starts at $2.90 - $5.89 per square foot*. Actual costs will depend on job size, conditions, and options. An attic is considered finished if it meets the criteria of being , habitable and can be accessed from inside the house. An attic that has to be accessed from an outside area, even if its just in the garage, isnt considered finished by appraisal standards. Even if you’re using the attic as an activity room or office, a bathroom makes the space more comfortable, and it’ll improve resale value. Reduce costs and limit wall damage by installing pipes close to existing plumbing. Running the attic’s water supply and drain lines down to the basement is best for optimal water pressure and proper venting of sewer gases. """"""""


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