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The Delaware County Press Club hosts a variety of exclusive member events as well as events that are open to the public. 


From lunchtime meet-and-greets with communications, business, sports, and entertainment leaders, to networking happy hours, behind-the-scenes tours and career development workshops, we hope to see you at our next event!


Upcoming Events

  • Lunar New Year Luncheon at Margaret Kuo's Kitchen
    Wed, Feb 15
    Join the Delaware County Press Club for a Lunar New Year Luncheon at Margaret Kuo’s Kitchen on Wednesday, February 15, 2023, at noon. Special guests are Paul A. Bennett, Publisher, The Spirit Newspaper and Ricky Blye from JACE of Delco (Juneteenth Artistic Collaborative Experience).
  • Delco Sports Museum Tour & Indoor Tailgate
    Wed, Mar 15
    Join the Delaware County Press Club for a Tour of the Sports Legends of Delaware County Museum!

Was that really Curt Weldon in a bellboy outfit in Off- White Christmas? 

Did Harry Kalas really sing The Notre Dame Fight Song, unbidden, quietly into his microphone while a Celebrity Jeopardy panelist? 

Was there an "unknown celebrity" wearing a bag over his head for our Spelling Bee? 

Yes, all this and more really happened during the famous Bob Finucane years. And when we roasted our legendary leader, all the men wore yellow ties in tribute to one of his notable columns. Truly, one of a kind and a mentor I will never forget. 

- Joan Gallagher, Press Club President, 1993-1994
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