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Introducing the Press Club's New President

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Delaware County Press Club’s new president Andrea DiFabio is not only a Communications Specialist owning her business AD Communications, she owns Vinyl Revival, a storefront in Lansdowne which is celebrating seven years of success.

Andrea hails from South Philly and is a graduate of St. Maria Goretti High School and Temple University. After graduating from high school she worked full time in the advertising department of the world’s largest men’s formalwear manufacturer. While working she managed to earn her degree, from Temple University, marry her husband Gregg and raise three daughters, Alexandra and twins, Samantha and Gabriella. She served as Past President of the Lansdowne Business and Professional Association and is a current board member. She served as 1st Vice President in the Delco Press Club before taking on the challenging role of president this year.

What are some of your goals for Delaware County’s Press Club?

As the new president, my goals are to grow our membership, create a variety of events that are industry-specific, update our brand, and be a valuable resource for student, working, and retired communications professionals.

What challenges do you see in the future for communication professionals?

Challenges I see in the near future for communication professionals will revolve around creating/adapting messages during the COVID-19 pandemic and pivoting to a lot of virtual events. Communication professionals will need to figure out new technology to get their messages to the masses and also find unique ways to make their news stand out from the crowd.

What is your message to others who are considering joining the Press Club?

I would encourage communications professionals to join the Club because it is a great place to share ideas, learn something new, network with industry colleagues, and build relationships with potential business partners.

There are many facets to this multi-talented career woman who runs two businesses, Vinyl Revival and AD Communications, and volunteers her expertise to others.

As owner and communication specialist at AD Communications what does your job entail?

As a communications specialist for the fashion, art, lifestyle and entertainment industries, I get to work on a variety of fun events. There are lots of deadlines to keep track of and turnaround time on jobs can sometimes be very quick as things change. I primarily work on event publicity but also work with clients on marketing campaigns that include social media, media buying, branding, event planning, promotions, video production/commercials in addition to public relations. I enjoy meeting talented artists, musicians, and filmmakers. I’ve always been drawn to fashion and the arts so I decided to build my career around industries that I enjoyed.

What type of clients do you represent?

Over the years, I’ve represented formalwear retailers, bridal websites, the International Formalwear Association, FirstGlance Film Festival, independent filmmakers, nonprofits like Community Arts Center and Tri-State Jazz Society, musicians, restaurants, swim clubs, hair salons, and even a couple of health-related businesses. I manage all of the marketing for Vinyl Revival and donate public relations services to Finding Shelter Animal Rescue and the Lansdowne Business & Professional Association.

What do you love about what you do?

I enjoy solving problems and developing creative content. I like to take a look at a client’s big picture - their objectives and goals, who their audience and competition are, and then develop a marketing strategy to achieve those goals.

What is the most challenging part of being a communication specialist?

I think the most challenging part of being a communication specialist is getting a client on board with the strategy/creative ideas. Sometimes clients are happy with doing things the same way and aren’t so open to new ideas. You need to develop a trusting relationship and let the client know that you have their best interest in mind.

What advice would you give to those who plan to work in the communications field?

Advice that I would give to someone planning to work in communications is to always keep current on industry trends. The field is evolving all of the time – new technology, ways of distributing information, etc. If you want a long career, you need to keep learning to stay relevant.

How did you decide to open Vinyl Revival in Lansdowne?

I decided to open a record store because I am a huge music fan and fan of vinyl records and noticed that there weren’t many record stores in Delco. I attended the Press Club tour of the Historic Lansdowne Theater. I loved the theater and Lansdowne’s charming atmosphere. I thought that a record store in a town where a music venue was opening would be a good idea. I was lucky to get a storefront right next to the theater.

What can customers can find there?

Customers can find new and used vinyl, rock and roll accessories for their home, tie-dye shirts and music-themed jewelry, pottery, art, books, and music by local artists, etc. We try to sell handcrafted and local products in addition to a wide selection of records in every genre. Our space also features a 35-seat theater where we host bands and indie film screenings. We also rent the space for special events. Customers are always surprised to find out it’s in our back room.

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