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Peg DeGrassa Recognized by Delaware County Women's Commission

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Former Press Club President and Editor of The News & Press of Delaware County, Peg DeGrassa, received the Delaware County Women’s Commission “Women of Achievement” award at their annual luncheon. This year, the commission celebrated four great women who are “shining examples” of women who tell our stories.

Peg has certainly told hundreds of stories in her tenure with Delco News Network. In fact, many folks affectionately call her “The Mayor of Delco.” I agree! She’s the voice of Delco too! When Peg interviewed the voice coach for the miniseries “Mare of Easttown” the coach recorded Peg’s voice because it’s so Delco! (She’s still not sure if that’s a compliment. LOL)

Pat Miller, Peg’s sister, introduced her and said “Peg gets emotionally involved in her stories. It’s not just a job to her, but a lifetime commitment.”

Peg shared that her family teases her that she “gets into her stories and lives and breathes her stories.” Once someone reads Peg’s stories, it’s readily apparent that she truly loves telling stories. “The favorite part of my job is when people invite me into their homes and trust me to tell their story and get it right. They pour out their hearts and we often cry and laugh together.”

Peg thanked her mentors: former Town Talk Editor, Christina Parker; former Editors of the Delco Daily & Sunday Times, Phil Heron, and the late Joe Hart; and current Editor, Keith Mayer. As an integral part of community journalism, Peg stated, “We are the voice of the community and it’s important we stay here and tell the stories. Please continue to read the paper.”

In conclusion, Peg dedicated her award to her beloved mom, Onnie Lafferty, who recently passed. She bestowed upon Peg her wisdom and strength and was her “biggest cheerleader.” We know her mom is with her in spirit, as Peg received news about this well-deserved award a week after her mom passed.

Peg received a personalized, etched crystal vase, fresh flowers, a proclamation from Congress, and a resolution from the Council of Delaware County. Brava, my friend. So well deserved! Your Press Club friends are so incredibly proud of you and blessed to know you!

Written by Diane McNitt


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